CIO-CFO Best Practice Session – Microsoft Government Contractor Summit

Larrry Mocniak, CFO of Phoenix International and Bill Barkovic, CIO of CALIBRE shared their experiences in leveraging Microsoft Dynamics for greater efficiency for their government contractor organizations.  Both individuals had just Deltek's products in the past and opted not to choose them for their current financial management systems.  The Phoenix International Case Study can be found here. 

Here are a few takeaways from this session:

Larry Mocniak commented that Phoenix International was able to bring over 7 years of general ledger detail data when they went to Microsoft Dynamics solution.  It was an easy mapping process that was took about a man week.  As a result, Larry has the ability to do year over year trending and they need not maintain servers of legacy data.  Most customers when doing a migration may bring over only general ledger balances but Larry encouraged folks considering a move to make a small investment in time to yield the analysis benefits.  Larry was asked if he ran the systems in parallel and he commented that he found that to not the best use of time.  His advice was to cut the cord from the old system to make your employees really efficient in the new one.  You can read more about the Phoenix International Story here.

Bill Barkovic , CIO of Calibre shared their approach to integrated architecture so that Calibre can streamline information flow - essentially input the data once and have it feed key data repositories.  CALIBRE has also enabled all employees to submit business development opportunities and has a process to determine which to invest in pursuing. Additionally, CALIBRE has also acquired several companies over the last several years and spoke very positively about the ability for Dynamics to manage multi-company within the system.

CALIBRE Architecture

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