Cash Funds for Maryland Based Government Contractors under 100 employees

I had lunch today with Butch Zachrel, a friend and colleague.  Butch is a Business Development Director with RSM McGladrey.  He shared a pretty interested opportunity with me that I think more companies should know about.  The State of Maryland is awarding funding to any technology or manufacturing company less than 100 employees - basically you can get 50% of your expenses back up to a certain level when you deploy new technology and have training associated with it.  Visit the link below and contact the office near you.

Partnership for Workforce Quality (PWQ)

The PWQ provides matching skill upgrade training grants and support services targeted to improve the competitive position of small and mid-sized manufacturing and technology companies. PWQ grants are used to increase the skills of existing workers for new technologies and production processes, improve employee productivity and increase industry employment stability. PWQ matching grants are made directly to companies as well as through a number of manufacturing, software industry and ISO 9000 consortia programs working in cooperation with DBED.

Check it out and make those dollars go farther!

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