Professional Services Council Merges with the Contract Services Adminstration

Stan Soloway, President of the Professional Services Council had some exciting news this week!  The Professional Services Council merged with the Contract Services Adminstration and now has 320 of the largest and top growing services contractors represented. This will enable the PSC to be the SOLE association to the federal services marketplace.  To Read More click here.

Additionally Stan will be speaking at the Microsoft Government Contractor Summit on Feb 8th in Reston VA. In addition to current market trends, there will be sessions on how to best achieve DCAA Compliance, Capture more Business, and automate key ERP and CRM processes. Interested government contractors executives can register here.  Stan will present an overview of current market forces and trends, and explore the intersection of budget, policy, and agency mission needs. A few questions to discuss:

  • How will the budget strains affect federal spending?

  • How will current regulatory and legislative initiatives affect overall federal buying behavior?

  • What will this mean for the future competitiveness and structure of the federal professional and technolgy services space?

We look forward to having Stan share his deep industry knowledge and insights.

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