Words of Wisdom from Microsoft CRM User BAE Systems

We had a customer roundtable today and had the opportunity to discuss with Dena Tompros, Director of Enterprise Systems Management on how BAE Systems went about implementing Microsoft CRM. Here are some words of wisdom both on the business and technical side from Dena that may be helpful for others going through the process.  She shared this with other government contractors attending today's event.


u Business:

¾     Have your BD/Capture leadership in place & stabilized before customization

¾     Define, document & train on any business transformation prior to system implementation

¾     Have a Stakeholder Committee agree, set, and commit to uphold CRM policy

¾     Include Business Operations in Stakeholder Committee

¾     Identify a series of incentives/disincentives to ensure compliance

u Technical:

¾     Have your enterprise strategy well-defined when implementing your CRM solution

¾     Have all users on the same network for ease of authentication

l  Otherwise, need to establish 2-hop Kerberos authentication

¾     Ensure your Roles & Permissions are clearly defined and testing includes role validation

¾     Include the Help Desk in pre-deployment testing & training for application familiarity & validation of issue escalation process



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