Azure Web Apps Best Practices

    I want to start off with a disclaimer on this topic that not all practices are the best practice for all scenarios. I have come up with a list, but it’s up to you to pick whichever is the best for you. Here are some practices that I have gathered working in field:…


RDBMS Vs Hadoop

  Hi, Thanks for stopping by here, let me shamelessly accept the fact, I was not sure of what HDInsight is, what Hadoop is or what BigData is and why someone should use it instead of traditional RDBMS as I have spent most of my time in Web Development space like MVC, WPF and other…


Microsoft Azure DevOps Story

  Hi There, I want to start off with this common support conversation between an Ops professional and Dev professional. Often it’s an easy game to put the fault on other guy right. End of the day we are working for a common objective that is to make enterprises and customer successful. Now the big…


Architecting Modern Web Apps using Microsoft Azure

  I have always been asked this question when I go to customers site. What is the best architecture? How to design an application which is best in maintainability, performance, scale, security, and the list goes on and on. Off late, I’m preparing for my Azure Architecture certification so thought this will be a good…


Azure PowerShell ForbiddenError: The server failed to authenticate the request. Verify the certificate is valid and is associated with this subscription.

 Hi There,  You might be here reading this blog because of the below error! ForbiddenError: The server failed to authenticate the request. Verify the certificate is valid and is associated with this subscription. You might get this error when you are working on Azure PowerShell and this being most common error when working with PowerShell….


Visual State Manager and Adaptive Triggers for Universal Windows App

  Excited to write this blog post as this is one of the much awaited topic that I wanted blog about. Yes Universal Windows App One App targeting for one Billion Devices, that’s just incredible reach for developers and enterprises! With Universal App platform now we can target all devices essentially running same app running…


Authenticate Users with Azure Active Directory via FedUtil.exe without Identity and Access tool/Add STS Reference in VS2013

  Authentication is the most common and important feature for any LOB applications. We are looking at moving Authentication logic outside the application so that it can be used for any number of application that you have in your organization aka “Identity as a Service”. In this blog post I’ll walk you through how to…


Few guidelines for developing Quality Windows 8 Applications!

  A big part of the Windows 8 experience will be using all the great apps that developers create on Windows 8. There are certain functionalities to consider when you are developing a Windows 8 Application. I have seen many applications which will tend miss basic functionality that every Windows 8 Application should have. In…


My first MSDN blog!

I always want to have a blog on MSDN and finally the day has come, when I created Blog on MSDN. This is my attempt to write something, after close to two and half years at Microsoft. If in some way this might help other developers like me who want to get things done quickly…