Visual Basic Language Design Meeting on Channel 9

Beth Massi sat down with the VB Language design team to “talk about their design process, favourite features, their thoughts on other languages, as well as what the Visual Basic language strategy really is”. Thanks Beth – very useful. Looking forward to many more. Visual Basic Language Design Meeting


Visual Basic Line Continuation Character (and more on VB10)

I previously posted about Amanda discussing the future of VB . One of the things Amanda talked about was the line continuation character. I just come across a little more detail from Feb 2008. This post is by Paul Vick who is the language architect for Visual Basic and hence has a bunch of posts…


Amanda Silver on Visual Basic 2008 and the future of VB

Annoyingly I am on leave today and my wife has a long list for me that doesn’t include 27mins to watch this video. P.S. I will update this post once I get a chance to watch it! Got to watch it today. Definitely worth a watch if VB is your thing – although don’t expect…