Another reason for using LINQ to Relational – avoiding SQL Injection attacks

There are lots of great reasons to use LINQ to SQL or LINQ to Entities – but I forgot this one. I just came across this nicely written article which explores this area in some detail and makes a good case for why LINQ can help. All in glorious Visual Basic. Enjoy.


Visual Basic and .NET Framework Versions

Hi all, apologies for the pause in blogging. This is holiday season and I am … having plenty of holiday 🙂 (Which makes a nice change) A couple of folks have asked me recently about Visual Basic versions and .NET Framework versions and how they tie up. I thought I would have a stab at…


UK MSDN events now scheduled

Topics have been chosen, venues confirmed and details posted on our events site. We will be showing up at 6 cities through Sept and October with a lot of the content focused on Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1. Me – I will be delivering the “data bit” – in Visual Basic 🙂 I liked…


Visual Basic samples for WPF book – Applications = Code + Markup

Once again, Ged Meads work on WPF catches my eye. A big thanks to Ged, Young Joo and Evan Lim for converting the C# samples over to Visual Basic for Petzolds book on WPF (Only 3 left in stock at Amazon UK – lets get those sold as well – but be warned, the style/approach…


Ged Mead on Windows Presentation Foundation

UK Visual Basic MVP Ged has been taking a look at WPF this year. I spotted his post on WPF Basics: How To Play Sounds and Music in Windows Presentation Foundation a couple of weeks back and found it a clean, easy to follow example – that really tried to help others avoid some of…


Intellisense – VB 2005 vs VB2008 + a great example of mixing VB with XML

I had not appreciated just how much intellisense had improved between releases of Visual Basic until I spent 6mins watching this (which isn’t a huge surprise as I have never coded in VB 2005). Lisa also does a great job of showing the real power of XML Literals in VB – mixing VB code inside…