VB links on Entity Framework, Data Services and WPF

The following are all well worth a look: N-Tier Development with Data Services and Entity Framework (16mins)  A PM on the team builds a simple ADO.NET Data Services application in VB. Dynamic Data Entry with XML Literals Dynamic creation of WPF maintenance screens using VB XML Literals. 12 new videos on ASP.NET Dynamic Data in…


My low tech polls: show of hands at the UK MSDN events

I have been asking a few “raise your hand” questions at the MSDN events we are currently delivering in various parts of the UK. I thought they would be worth sharing. What language do you code in? C# – around 60% VB – around 40% Good stuff! Something else (normally C++) – one or two…


Another reason for using LINQ to Relational – avoiding SQL Injection attacks

There are lots of great reasons to use LINQ to SQL or LINQ to Entities – but I forgot this one. I just came across this nicely written article which explores this area in some detail and makes a good case for why LINQ can help. All in glorious Visual Basic. Enjoy.


A very good showing of VB developers

As folks should know, as of July I stopped doing any demos in C# (pretty much) and switched to Visual Basic .NET – the simple reason being I know at every event we attend we have a large contingent of VB developers that we make sit through C# demo after demo – for which I…


A few rough edges in our shiny new Data stack

We have a rather impressive set of new technologies for working with data – LINQ, LINQ to SQL, LINQ to Entities, Data Services, ASP.NET Dynamic Data etc. What I am finding is… they don’t all get on with each other as well as you might have thought. My current battle is using ADO.NET Data Services…


SQL Server 2008 is finished – break out the bubbly

SQL Server 2008 RTM’d yesterday (August 6th). It is already available on MSDN subscriber downloads http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/subscriptions/downloads/default.aspx. Express edition doesn’t appear to be up there yet. Well done to the team.


Visual Basic vs C# LINQ syntax

LINQ has two syntaxes – Lamda syntax and Comprehension syntax. Each has their uses and you can happily mix them. Lamda syntax is stuff like: var longWords = words.Where( w => w.length > 10); Dim longWords = words.Where(Function(w) w.length > 10) Where as Comprehension syntax is much more similar to SQL and hence it is…


200 LINQ Samples in Visual Basic

I recently discovered LINQPad.  It is written by Joseph Albahari who wrote C# 3.0 in a NutShell and contains all the samples from his book. It is an amazing tool – and not an obvious tool to turn to if you are a Visual Basic developer. However – a certain Federico Daniel Colombo has converted…


UK MSDN events now scheduled

Topics have been chosen, venues confirmed and details posted on our events site. We will be showing up at 6 cities through Sept and October with a lot of the content focused on Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1. Me – I will be delivering the “data bit” – in Visual Basic 🙂 I liked…


Visual Basic vs C# – early adopters favour C#?

This myth is typically from someone in Microsoft who thinks, codes, demos and blogs in C# and wants to justify why they might ignore Visual Basic – errrr…. such as me a few months back. Sorry. “Sure – there may well be a lot of folks using Visual Basic .NET but they are not my…