What is Microsoft “Dallas”?

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Nope, I’m not referring to the famous TV series. I am referring to the “data-as-a-service” offering we announced at the PDC.

What it is:

Dallas is “data-as-a-service” offer from Windows Azure which is an information marketplace that brings data, imagery, and real-time web services from leading commercial data providers and authoritative public data sources together into a single location, under a unified provisioning and billing framework. Dallas provides the foundations for publishing and consuming premium data through a unified platform. Dallas opens up new opportunities for not only to the data content providers but also for the developers.

Watch the video from Zach and Moe for an introduction to Dallas and also keep an eye on the MSDN Dallas Blog.


There is already a large array of data available on Dallas. You can visit Microsoft Pinpoint Marketplace to see the list of content available on Dallas and start thinking about the possibilities. Would be great to see UK data on there sooner rather than later. (Nb: for me browse and search for Dallas data is broken right now).

Getting Started as a Developer:

Visit the “Dallas” Developer Quick Start site which includes how to start using Dallas straight away and the Dallas Training Course (4 exercises to learn Dallas).

Getting Started as a content provider

Have you got data or web services that you would like to expose? Check out the Content Provider Partnership opportunities.

Giving Feedback on Dallas

Your feedback is important to shaping Dallas. If you think we are missing a dataset, a feature, or just want to know what other people suggested go to mygreatwindowsazureidea.com.

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