Visual Basic 6.0 Migration – due diligence is a good thing

Choice in general is a good thing. When faced with moving a Visual Basic 6.0 application to .NET there is plenty of choices to be made. One of those choices is “Which tool should I go with to migrate the code?”.

My advice in general is “Try as many as you can on a representative chunk of your application”.

I spotted over on the VB Migration Partner website a case study which contained an example of just that:

“During the software evaluation phase SIS run a 25K prototype through all the conversion programs. It took 2.5 hours to get a compilable and runnable VB.NET project with VB Migration Partner, and 13 hours with its closest competitor. The reduced effort, the ability to use pragmas and support for the convert-test-fix were the main reasons for choosing Code Architects’ software.”

This was a 650K Lines of Code conversion in just 6 months with a total effort of 18 man-months. Pretty impressive.

P.S. 13/2.5 = 5 times faster, in case you were wondering 🙂

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