Screencasts on the Interop Forms Toolkit 2.0

[This is a short post to accompany the UK Secure your Visual Basic 6.0 investment with Microsoft .NET initiative and is sourced from the main VB site]

This how-to video series is focused on the Interop Forms Toolkit and working with Visual Basic .NET and Visual Basic 6 together. The Interop Forms Toolkit allows Visual Basic developers to migrate their Visual Basic 6 applications over to .NET using a phased migration strategy. Instead of having to convert the entire VB6 application at once, the toolkit enables .NET Forms and User Controls to run directly in Visual Basic 6 applications so that you can build the pieces that you need over time.

Presented by Beth Massi

Download the Code: Videos 1–3

You will need: Visual Studio and the Interop Forms Toolkit 2.0 in addition to Visual Basic 6.0

#1 | How Do I: Build Interop Forms?
(11 minutes, 28 seconds)

#2 | How Do I: Build Interop User Controls?
(9 minutes, 3 seconds)

#3 | How Do I: Deploy Hybrid Applications?
(6 minutes, 1 second)

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