My low tech polls: show of hands at the UK MSDN events

I have been asking a few “raise your hand” questions at the MSDN events we are currently delivering in various parts of the UK. I thought they would be worth sharing.

  • What language do you code in?
    • C# – around 60%
    • VB – around 40% Good stuff!
    • Something else (normally C++) – one or two folks
  • Do you subscribe to the MSDN Flash?
    • Yes – around 60% Good stuff – but 100% should be about right 🙂
  • Do you listen to podcasts?
    • Yes – around 40% Wow. We all commute too much!
  • Do you use an ORM currently in your project
    • Yes – around 5% This is low. This is very low. This will change significantly over the coming years….
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  1. leigh.kendall says:

    I think there are more guys at these events (both UK and US) than folks like to admit. I think here in the US at least, such events *appear* to be dominated by so-called C# devs (especially the presenters) and as such I think many are either intimidated or ashamed (or afraid of being derided) to raise their hands when asked for a count of VB developers. Just my .02 cents.

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