Converting from C# to Visual Basic .NET

First Created: Wednesday 23rd July 2008
Updated: Thursday 24th July 2008 - added Telerik

I have been playing with C# to Visual Basic converters. There are a few around and I have included the best I came across. However right now there is one clear winner if you want to work with the new language features introduced in Visual Studio 2008 – that is Instant VB from Tangible Software.


  • I have only had a quick play with these – enough to know they have a place in helping move code over from C#
  • I have ruled out a few others I found as they looked very dated
  • Most DO NOT understand the new language features (such as LINQ) included in .NET Framework 3.5
  • Tangible Instant VB does understand the new language extensions. I am using the demo install with decent results
  • I hope SharpDevelop 3 will also support the new language extensions
  • IMHO – we should include a converter “in the box” integrated into the IDE … ho hum…


Online Converters


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  1. I have been playing with tools to convert C# over to Visual Basic – given how many samples only exist

  2. quimbo says:

    here is another online converter

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