40% off Visual Basic .NET and C# Books … (UK)

Visual Basic 6 developer moving to .NET - you need a good book! http://www.microsoft-press.co.uk/hellodotnet 

I have been looking for ways to help the Visual Basic 6 folks transition to .NET. Paul in my old ISV team suggested a discount of Microsoft Press VB books. He kicked off a conversation with MS Press in the UK who were extremely keen to help and I have been working with them to get a new landing page in place. We have arranged for 40% off two Visual Basic 2008 books and a C# book (well...some will move to C#).

The books are:

[Book cover]Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Step by Step

[Book cover]Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Step by Step 3rd Edition

[Book cover]Programming Windows Services with Microsoft Visual Basic 2008

Head over to http://www.microsoft-press.co.uk/hellodotnet if you would like to find out more.

P.S. I will write up a short review of the first two books. NOTE - the two Step by Step books are very different. The Visual Basic book is for someone brand new to .NET and aims to teach the basics. The C# is much more detailed.

P.P.S. I am hoping to have some free copies to give out - should know very soon how many etc.

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  1. I posted details over at Goto100 – enjoy!

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