UK jobs using Visual Basic?

I was wondering what folks felt the job market looked like out there for Visual Basic .NET developers? Based on my experiences with ISVs it appears healthy to me - but I have had some feedback to say that Visual Basic .NET jobs are rare. I would love a few more anecdotal bits of feedback. Thanks all.

As a quick check:

  1. "VB.NET" - 14 results
  2. "java" - 15
  3. "C#" - 24
  4. "C++" - 10

Which doesn't look too bad. But I though I would also look at trends - which itjobswatch tracks in gory detail. For the 3 month period to June 18th 2008:

Trends show VB tailing off - but that isn't too much of a surprise as that includes VB 6 development - and VB6 was hugely popular. C# is on the rise which I like to think is also because of switchers from Java :-). Java is on the slide.

But my conclusion would be there are still plenty of jobs for folks with Visual Basic .NET skills.


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