An advert for Goto100…

Mandy in marketing asked me to "Create some text that we could use on a flyer to tell folks why they might want to visit that new blog of yours on Visual Basic".

My first thought was "Cripes - I haven't got any real content yet!" - but I'm glad to say that thought was soon replaced with a "Hmmm.... I wonder if I could do it in code?" 🙂

This is the draft I sent. It will be interesting to see if anything comes of it...

Select Case UKdeveloper
   Case devin.vb6, devin.vb2002, devin.vb2003, devin.vb2005, devin.vb2008
       ' Visit a ; free technical resource on Visual Basic
       ' for regular postings on the latest .NET technologies,
       ' interop and migration strategies and more
       success = Goto100("")
   Case devin.somethingelse
       ' Too bad
       success = False
End Select

P.S. I would be very interested to see alternatives to the above - as long as they compile and run 🙂

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  1. nick@allportsofthings says:

    I think this site is a really good idea and about time a main stream blog appeared for VB developers. I’ve recently started my own little VB Blog and it’s surprising how many hits you get from people like me looking for semicolon free code!

    Good luck and a great advert!

  2. Turnip says:

    "alternatives to the above – as long as they compile and run :-)"

    Hmm, what about simply…



    We’re quite new to VB.NET, but had also noticed the same trends of samples on the web pointing towards C#.  Good to see some more VB sites 🙂

  3. Thanks for comments folks. However – would


    compile? Me thinks there is a missing space 🙂

  4. Turnip says:

    Certainly! It’s clearly a procedure by the name of "Goto100" that has been defined elsewhere, rather than the Goto statement and a line number 😉

    Clearly. *cough* 😉

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