Installing Azure SDK 2.3 for Visual Studio "14" CTP

To install the Azure SDK 2.3 for .NET with Visual Studio "14" CTP, follow these steps. This procedure installs SDKs, basic tools, and extended tools for Azure development with Visual Studio "14" CTP and is not intended to be used with any other version of Visual Studio.

To install the Azure SDK 2.3 for .NET, follow these steps:

  1. Install Visual Studio "14" CTP on a machine without any other version of Visual Studio installed.
  2. Install each component of the Azure SDK using the links in the following list, in this order. Choose the x86 or x64 version of each of the following components.

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  1. Stephen Wells says:

    What is this Visual Studio "14" CTP you are referring to? Your hyperlink goes to no where!

  2. Chris Dahlberg says:

    Thanks, Gordon! Saved me some time.

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