Azure pricing and business model

If you missed the The Business of Windows Azure: What you should know about Windows Azure Platform pricing and SLAs PDC session,it gives a clear vision of Azure business model.

Some important highlights about this session :

  • There will be three purchasing models :

    • Pay as you go

    • Subscription licensing are plans for payment predictability

    • Volume licensing :Available through centralized purchasing experience and will have volume discounts

    • Additionally,there are some offers that you can join with important benefits (some of them requires an MSDN subscription)

  • The TCO Analyzer Tool helps you to  quickly determine the value of using Windows Azure.

  • SLAs : One of the key parts of the Windows Azure Platform is the Service Level Agreements,you can check the terms of the agreement in the link.

I would recommend you to attend this session,it’s really worthless!

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