Personal genomics, when will it be real?

Personal genomics has been a hot topic since the completion of the human genome project. The vision of personal genomics is that when have the data of each person’s genome, we are likely to know what disease each person are likely to get in the life time. As a result, personalized treatment and intervention can…


Is desktop computing dead?

While the tablets, smart phones are increasing the market share of the clients and cloud computing is increasingly dominating the software requires complicated logistics, the question naturally arises, is the desktop dead?  I would say desktop is losing a lot of its mind share due to the popularity of the tablets and smart phones, but…


Trends of cloud computing in 2014!

Happy new year! 2013 is a great year for cloud computing, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and a few dozen of players in the market had made tremendous amount of progress of making cloud computing more usful, more usable and more stable. Here, I predict what is going to happen for cloud computing in 2014. Cloud…


The imbalance of global healthcare system and the opportunities of IT

Healthcare is expensive in the United States. It is much more expensive than healthcare in other country. The difference between these two healthcare system contributes to the difference of the cost and the quality of the care.  The salary for the physicians are different.  In the United States, a physician can make 150K to 300K…


The encryption of Windows Azure Media Services

Windows Azure Media Services provides additional security protection for videos assets. The video asset uploading to Windows Azure Media Services can be encrypted using ECB algorithm. The entity used in Windows Azure Media Services is ContentKey, which stores X.509 encrypted ECB key. There are several common questions for the encryption system for Windows Azure Media…


Introduction To Windows Azure Media Services

Windows Azure Media Services is a web service which can store, transcode and distribute client’s video. The video storage is backed by Windows Azure Storage Blob Storage. A typical use case is CMS ( content management system). Using Windows Azure Media Services, CMS may be able to manage large amount of videos just like texts….


How to be a good web service? Globalization

Web service globalization is a barely touched topic in academia. Yet it is highly interesting from business perspective because globalized web service can be scaled to different countries with relatively low cost. Having gone through a few web service globalization projects myself, I feel relieving while writing this blog.  A. What needs to be globalized?…


How to be a good web service? Syncronous or asyncronous, let’s get straight!

Web service method can be either syncronous or asyncronous. A high quality web service should be very clear about whether each end point is syncronous or asyncronous. What are syncrhonous operations? Syncronous operations completes the operation at the time of completion of sending response. It is suitable for operations that can be completed at milliseconds…


How to be a good web service? Documentation

Good documentation of web service can help clients to design related behavior. At high level, a web service component comprises two parts, request and response. The documentation for request. A web request include URI address, query parameters, headers and body. URI address, for a good web service, the documentation of the URI should include the…


How to be a good web service? Especially when things go wrong!

How to be a good web service? To be a good service means the service has good SLA with very little or no downtime, quick response to request, etc.  In addition to these common knowledge, in my opinion, to be a good web service also means when something goes wrong, the service fail gracefully. Here…