Three days with my Lumia 920, Windows Phone 8

Last Saturday, I purchased a Lumia 920 from AT&T store at Bellevue Square. We first came there on Friday night, we waited for about an hour, then the store manager comes out telling us given the store closing time, we are unlikely to be able to make it that night. She took our names and…


Have your clinic been connected to HealthVault?

Today, I am coming back from a doctor appointment. For the 3rd time, I fill up exactly the same form for my doctors. All those information such as allergy, family history are repeating. Question for doctor, why cannot you just ask your patient to share his/her record with you?


Beyond CRUD, the Action and Function in OData V 3.0 standard and when to use each of them?

Action and Function are two similar feature in the OData V3 standard. OData V2 standard specifies a standard way to perform CRUD operation on stored data. In OData V3, more sophisticated operations are specified. These two methods are called Action and Function.  Both Action and Function are operations on the server side, then what are…


FAQ : Microsoft Windows Azure PHP SDK

This list is growing, if you have any question regarding Windows Azure PHP SDK, please feel free to let me know.  General  Q: Do I need a Windows machine to use Windows Azure PHP SDK? A: No, Windows Azure PHP SDK is platform independent, Linux, Mac OS, Solaris, you name it. However, if you want…


Now, you can write your PHP application better using Windows Azure!

Windows Azure is a premium cloud computing services which enables writing highly scalable web application much easier. However, the support of PHP for Windows Azure has been very basic if non-existing. Recently, we released Windows Azure PHP SDK which can be downloaded both via PEAR channel, PHP composer or github. This Windows Azure PHP SDK give PHP…


Why does Windows Azure based cloud computing matter?

There are tens if not hundreds of cloud computing companies running their ads at odd places ranging from facebook to airport. You may ask, why does cloud computing matter? Cloud computing is going to transform how people use computer in a significant way. As the Internet technology becoming more and more integrated with each industry,…


Resolving code conflict using p4merge with git on Windows

One of the most common task for professional software engineer is to merge code from multiple branch, on popular source control system git which enables configuring third party merging tool to facilitate this process. p4merge is a visual merging tool developed by Perforce. Here is how to get it work on Windows operating system.  1….