Jenkins on Windows Azure, the missing manual — Master

  1. Create a VM from Windows Azure Portal, Jenkins master and slave need to be co-located in the same affinity group. If you haven't created an affinity group, you should do that as the first step. Since created VM cannot change their affinity group, so please do this step correctly before proceeding.
  2. Login master VM via, turn off "IE enhanced security" by going to Server Manager -> Local Server -> IE enhanced security, select off. 
  3. Open a command line window, Install .NET 3.5 using the following command

Dism /online /enable-feature /all /featurename:NetFX3

  1. From command line, start Internet Explorer by executing C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplorer.exe
  2. Using this IE, you can download git for windows from official git website ( ) and install it.
  3. Using this IE, you can download Jenkins from the following website, right click the downloaded file to install it as administrator.
  4. Enable user login. On master, navigate to from IE, select Jenkins->Manage Jenkins ->Configure System->check Enable security. Under Enable security, check Access Control->Jenkins' own user database, by default Allow users to sign up should be allowed. Save.
  5. Create your own Jenkins user. Using IE, navigate to, create an account by click "sign up" on the upper right side.
  6. Make yourself admin of Jenkins. Go to Jenkins->Manage Jenkins->Configure Global Security-> Enable security->Access Control->Authorization, select Matrix-based security, add your login to "user/group to add". check all of them for yourself. Click Save
  7. Update the address in the configuration from localhost to the value you want it to be by going to Jenkins->Manage Jenkins->Configure System->Jenkins Location-> Jenkins URL
  8. In Windows Azure Portal, open Endpoint  8080 for server VM to allow external access. At this point, from any machine with Internet access, you should be able to see your Jenkins server's portal.
  9. Install Github Plugin and EnvInject Plugin from Jenkins Plugin Manager which is located under Jenkins->Manage Jenkins->Manage Plugins.Jenkins plugins are capable of installing dependent plugins.  
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