The imbalance of global healthcare system and the opportunities of IT

Healthcare is expensive in the United States. It is much more expensive than healthcare in other country. The difference between these two healthcare system contributes to the difference of the cost and the quality of the care.  The salary for the physicians are different.  In the United States, a physician can make 150K to 300K…


EMR and PHR, a comparison

PHR and EMR are two inter-related concepts. First of all, the use cases are different. EMR is the electronic medical record primarily used at the hospital. Typically, it is the healthcare providers such as nurses or physicians use the EMR intensively. PHR is different, it centers around the patient experience. In some healthcare organisations, it…


What do I use HealthVault for?

Over the years, HealthVault is becoming increasingly useful for me. It is becoming a part of my daily life. What do I use it for?  a) tracking your health indicator, for example weight. Where did I put my weight on that sheet of yellow paper half year ago? Was I weight 75 kg or 175…


The Window Level of DICOM standard

Window level is another interesting feature of DICOM standard. Window level is used to transform the pixel value in DICOM file to pixel value shown on the screen. For example, DICOM modality of CT often export 12 bit images, however, LCD screen can only display 8 bit image. In order to display 12 bit image…


The modality LUT of DICOM standard

DICOM is one of the most interesting image formats if not the most. DICOM files are typically generated from medical imaging devices directly such as CT, MRI scanner. The value of each pixel in DICOM files are the raw values coming out of the scanner. When we use or visualize these pixel values, transformations are…


The encryption of Windows Azure Media Services

Windows Azure Media Services provides additional security protection for videos assets. The video asset uploading to Windows Azure Media Services can be encrypted using ECB algorithm. The entity used in Windows Azure Media Services is ContentKey, which stores X.509 encrypted ECB key. There are several common questions for the encryption system for Windows Azure Media…


Introduction To Windows Azure Media Services

Windows Azure Media Services is a web service which can store, transcode and distribute client’s video. The video storage is backed by Windows Azure Storage Blob Storage. A typical use case is CMS ( content management system). Using Windows Azure Media Services, CMS may be able to manage large amount of videos just like texts….


The evolution of Enterprise Java logging system

Logging is an essential components of large scale enterprise software systems. For large enterprise software system, bugs sometime can take very long time to be discovered, investigated and fixed. This is can be due to  the information in-balance between the development environment and the execution environment. Logging can provide visibilities into the execution of enterprise…


XML processing in Enterprise Java

XML processing is one of the central technology in almost all the modern enterprise programming language. Over the time, Java language have developed various standards to process XML, choosing the right one become one of the common design decision that enterprise Java developer need to make.  What is DOM? DOM represent an XML in a…


How to be a good web service? Globalization

Web service globalization is a barely touched topic in academia. Yet it is highly interesting from business perspective because globalized web service can be scaled to different countries with relatively low cost. Having gone through a few web service globalization projects myself, I feel relieving while writing this blog.  A. What needs to be globalized?…