Send Telemetry to Splunk Enterprise from Azure Resources via Azure Monitor

Azure Monitor is Microsoft Azure’s built-in pipeline for searching, archiving, and routing your monitoring data, providing a single path for getting Azure data into 3rd party analytics systems. An open source project has recently published a Splunk modular input, or add-on, that allows users to easily send telemetry from Azure-based resources such as VMs, web…


High(er) Availability Solution for Single-Instance Roles

Some I.T. system architectures include single-instance roles (a single VM in the role), whether because the software running in that tier won’t support multiple instances or it’s too expensive or some other reason. VMs sometimes go down in the public cloud but these single-instance roles really should be resilient to failures if not actually highly…


Passing Complex Parameters to New-AzureRmResourceGroupDeployment inside an Azure Automation Runbook

An Azure Automation Runbook can be triggered by a webhook and this allows external events to initiate actions inside your environment through the use of an ARM template and New-AzureRmResourceGroupDeployment. Of course, to make the runbook as flexible and useful as possible, Azure Automation Variable Assets should be used to pass in ARM template parameters…


Shortest path to Azure Automation DSC + Chocolatey VM

Let’s create the smallest useful Azure Automation-controlled setup including one configured VM: Create an Azure Automation account in an empty resource group In the Azure portal, click “+ New”, Management, Automation.  Give it a name like “myAutomation” and create a new resource group named something like “myAutomation”.  Put it in a data center near your…


Developing DSC scripts for the Azure Resource Manager DSC Extension

PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) has been out for a while and there are lots of folks that really get it.  Azure Resource Manager (ARM) is going strong, and brings along with it a new contingent of software professionals that can leverage DSC in their ARM templates through the use of the DSC VM Extension….


Rapid automated deployments (large or small) in Microsoft Azure

Azure Task Manager (ATM) is a DevOps tool that enables you to deploy Microsoft Azure compute assets in parallel, thus cutting down on the time necessary to do large deployments. It brings convenience to periodic (daily/weekly/monthly) deployments, large or small, reducing resistance to shutting down resources that aren’t used 24×7 and so saving money.…


OAuth Authentication using Python, REST and Azure AD

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) uses OAuth 2.0 to enable you to authorize access to web applications and web APIs in your Azure AD tenant. (ref: This post is paired with the full Django/Python-based code sample posted on github:  By using a non-Microsoft stack, I show the general applicability of Azure AD to…


Use Remote PowerShell to Manage Your Azure PaaS Compute Instances

  Update: Please find complete source for this solution here: WinRM-Azure-PaaS The Windows Remote Management (WinRM) service implements the WS-Management protocol in Windows.  Many remote management tasks are made possible with WinRM, as I.T. administrators are well aware.  There are both command line and PowerShell variants on how to accomplish most of these tasks. But…


Azure Hybrid Connections – Connect to Protected Resources

Azure Hybrid Connections make it easy to create secure connections between protected resources and external devices: mobile phones, tablets, laptops, you name it.  The architecture looks something like this: To demonstrate this, let’s reuse existing blogs and tutorials to get to a good starting point.  Using Authenticate your app with Active Directory Authentication Library Single…