Modern App Automation

I recently was assigned the task of doing a POC on Modern App Automation, specifically that are to do with application state management. For instance things like, Activating the App. Suspending/Resuming/Terminating an app. App Bar activation. Snapping the app. Activate Sharing etc.    I started off with the unmanaged code presented in the blog post…


Semantic Zoom only supports GridView and ListView?

Many people have been asking why semantic zoom is limited while using GridView and ListView. The answer is, it is not limited to GridView and ListView. These are the only 2 out of box controls that support semantic zoom. And these are the 2 controls the make the most sense for me.What makes GridView and…


Drag and Drop within a grouped grid view

I was working on my app and I had to implement functionality to Drag and Drop items between different groups of a Group Grid View.  Out of box reordering (drag and drop) doesn’t seem to work with Grouped Grid Views. So I implemented my own. This is very crude solution, but meets my requirements. Below is…


Grid View Similar to People app’s contacts page.

Like everyone else I recently started learning to make Metro apps using C#. The best way to learn is by practice. People have been asking (in the forums) about how to makea Grid View similar to the People app. I decided to take a shot at it. Below blog post documents my attempt to create…


Semantic Zoom In Windows 8 Metro Applications

  Semantic Zoom Semantic zoom is a technique used for presenting and navigating large data sets with in single view. Problem: Consider the app “Cars 2 Go”.   The Group details page lists huge number of car models, grouped by their manufacturer in alphabetical order. Take a look at the scroll bar at the bottom…


Integrating With Windows 8 Share Charm – Long Running Shares – Multiple data providers

In the previous blog post we have seen how to handle long running shares. I wanted to share one more thing that I have observed. In the previous example, we have used the “SetDataProvider” method to specify the callback method which provides the Bitmap data . What if I have set other type of data like…


Integrating With Windows 8 Share Charm – Long Running Shares.

In the previous posts, I have explained about the Sharing and Receiving data. 1. In this post, I will discuss the concept of Long Running Shares, using a sample App called “Bing Images” . The Bing Images app can be used to search for images. In the previous posts I wrote code to share…


Integrating With Windows 8 Share Charm – Part 2: Receiving Data

                                   Windows 8 Share Charm – Receiving Data  In the previous blog post Integrating with Windows 8 Share Charm – Sharing Data  I have discussed how to Share data from an App. In this blog post I will discuss on how to create the target app capable of receiving the shared data. I already created a simple…


Integrating With Windows 8 Share Charm – Part 1: Sharing Data

                                                                                                           Windows 8 Share Charm – Sharing Data This blog post describes the process of implementing sharing in Windows 8. Windows 8 share charms lets the users share content from within the app with other people or apps, and receive shared content. Below is a snapshot of the Images App that I will be using to demonstrate….