Windows 8 Wednesday in Atlanta for November 13

Wednesday, November 13 I’ll be in the Microsoft Alpharetta office from noon-2. Stop by and chat about Windows 8 apps – moving existing apps from other platforms, ideas for new apps, coaching on an app you already have under development, or test your app on a Surface PC.

Next Windows 8 Office Hours – Thursday, November 8

This week as you try to deal with the absence of political tweets and Facebook posts, why not swing by the Microsoft Alpharetta office and chat about or test out your Windows 8 apps? The Windows 8 “Wednesday” will be Thursday this week, I’ll be there from 11 AM until 2 pm.

Windows 8 Wednesday schedule for October 31 in ATL

Once again it’s about to be Wednesday, so that means it’s about to be Windows 8 Wednesday, another opportunity to come discuss app and game ideas, get help with your app in development, talk about monetization strategies, and more. Join me in the Alpharetta Microsoft office between 11 AM and 2 PM on Wednesday, October…

Windows 8 *Monday* on October 22

Next week I have a conflict on Wednesday, so I’m changing Windows 8 Wednesday to a Windows 8 Monday. Since I’m in charge of it I can do that. Please join me between 11 AM and 2 PM at the Microsoft office in Alpharetta to chat about Windows 8 apps, get your in-development app running…

Windows 8 Wednesday Office Hours for October 17

On Wednesday October 17 I’ll be at the Microsoft office in Alpharetta from 11 AM until 2:00 PM. Bring your Windows 8 app in development or your game or app on other platforms  you want to discuss porting. I’ll have a slate device we can test your app on if you like. See you there!