More on authentication and authorization

I found this great article on authentication and authorization in .NET by Rockford Lhotka of Magenic Technologies. It touches on things like identities, principals and roles in both ASP.NET as well as in a Windows Forms application.

Great white north

At our team meeting in December, I received an unexpected surprise. I won the “Most Improved Presenter” award, based on evaluation scores for my events. That means I get the wonderful experience of traveling to Anchorage, Alaska to deliver this quarter’s MSDN Event there! So, if you were looking for me during the week of…


DevDays 2004

Just found out I’ll be on the team presenting for Developer Days, an intense training event we’re bringing to the community. This year’s local DevDays will be in Raleigh-Durham on 3/9, Charlotte on 3/11, and Atlanta on 3/16. If you register by 2/10 it’s only $75. Plus, they’re giving away exciting stuff (including a technology preview of Whidbey) -…

Taking the plunge…

I’m entering the world of blogging by launching this site with news, info and links that developers in the Southeast (and anything else for that matter) would probably find interesting. We’ll see how it goes. If anyone reads this and has opinions, please comment on this article so I know I’m not typing in a vacuum.