The next big adventure for Glen

As with any great adventure, the beginning is sometimes the hardest part, and so is the end. As of this week, I am no longer with Microsoft. It’s been a fantastic 9 years though, and I am grateful for all the friends I made, the knowledge I gained, and all the adventures along the way….

Windows 8 Wednesday in Atlanta for November 13

Wednesday, November 13 I’ll be in the Microsoft Alpharetta office from noon-2. Stop by and chat about Windows 8 apps – moving existing apps from other platforms, ideas for new apps, coaching on an app you already have under development, or test your app on a Surface PC.

Free online Windows Azure conference on November 14

Sometimes the best way to learn how to be successful with a technology is to hear from your peers about what they are doing with it, and to get their insights and tips. The Windows Azure community is doing just that on November 14 with the Windows AzureConf, a free online event. With a keynote…

Startup Weekend Atlanta is November 9!

If you have the itch and the idea to start a new company, there’s no better event to come to than Startup Weekend Atlanta starting November 9. This weekend marathon is a fantastic place to pitch an idea for a company, rally some teammates, build a business plan and a prototype, and pitch your nascent…

Next Windows 8 Office Hours – Thursday, November 8

This week as you try to deal with the absence of political tweets and Facebook posts, why not swing by the Microsoft Alpharetta office and chat about or test out your Windows 8 apps? The Windows 8 “Wednesday” will be Thursday this week, I’ll be there from 11 AM until 2 pm.

Windows 8 Hackathon (with prizes) in Birmingham on November 13

Hey Alabama developers! Are you itching to get started building Windows 8 apps? Now that the OS has been released along with some amazing new devices, end users are going to be hungry for apps and games. Why not get in on the action? Here’s an amazing opportunity to get started. A few enterprising folks…

Windows 8 Wednesday schedule for October 31 in ATL

Once again it’s about to be Wednesday, so that means it’s about to be Windows 8 Wednesday, another opportunity to come discuss app and game ideas, get help with your app in development, talk about monetization strategies, and more. Join me in the Alpharetta Microsoft office between 11 AM and 2 PM on Wednesday, October…

Developer sessions at the Microsoft Store in Atlanta starting October 29

We’re putting together some great sessions for developers at the Microsoft store in Lenox Square. Come out each Monday night from 5 to 8, learn about Windows 8 development, do a hands on lab on your own machine, and get started building apps today! Sign up for the sessions here!

Windows 8 *Monday* on October 22

Next week I have a conflict on Wednesday, so I’m changing Windows 8 Wednesday to a Windows 8 Monday. Since I’m in charge of it I can do that. Please join me between 11 AM and 2 PM at the Microsoft office in Alpharetta to chat about Windows 8 apps, get your in-development app running…

ReMIX South 2012 designer developer conference is this weekend

There’s still time to sign up for THE designer and developer conference in the Southeast – ReMIX! Lots of fantastic sessions, great tutorials, opportunities to network and meet experts in various areas. I’ll be at the conference on Saturday giving one-on-one help to folks who want to learn about Windows 8 development and design.