Man, go get you some Mango!

If you have been working with the Windows Phone Developer Tools for Mango, no doubt you have played around with the emulator some. And as good as that emulator is for testing your apps, what you’ve really been wanting is a way to test your apps on a real device.

Well, starting today you finally get you chance! As of this morning, you can download Beta 2 of the tools and a beta image of Windows Phone codename Mango that you can install on your very own retail device, regardless of carrier or brand.

Check out the full blog post from the Windows Phone developer blog. Essentially, they are distributing invitations for those developers registered with so check your email for an invitation.

Having played with Mango for a little while, I can tell you that the app experience is faster, more responsive, and amazingly well integrated with the phone. Look for some blog posts from me in the near future highlighting new capabilities of the platform!

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