Windows Phone Garage part deux

Last fall we ran several Windows Phone Garage events on the east coast. They were so popular and helpful in getting developerseducated and excited about building apps for Windows Phone, and the open lab format enabled many to complete and publish their apps in less time.

Well, we’re back for more Garage fun in 7 cities. We’ll spend the morning briefing folks on Windows Phone development, discuss the announcements from MIX on what’s coming next for the platform and tools, and get you just started with online tools and templates for cranking out some awesome Windows Phone apps. There will be prizes for the top apps created at the event and incentives to publish that day, so be sure to come with the tools installed, a marketplace account created, and lots of great ideas. See you there!

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  1. BrentMorrisRTP says:

    Any Raleigh event?

  2. GlenGordon says:

    We don't have an "official" event scheduled for Raleigh, but if there are any community folks on the ground who want to take up the banner and organize one, we have a lot we can do to support, from funding for catering to swag to a free Windows Phone to give away. Let me know ASAP if anyone's interested in running with this!

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