Get your applications featured in the CNET Windows 7 Optimized showcase

Contrary to popular perception, mobile devices are not the biggest market for commercial software these days. Smile There have been over 240 million licenses of Windows 7 sold already, and each one is a potential customer for your applications. And while there are many distribution channels for your software on the web, CNET is one of the biggest.

In that context, I’m excited to be spreading the news about Microsoft and CNET offering this “Windows 7 Optimized” promotion. This is a great opportunity to get your applications features in a special showcase on

All you have to do is optimize your software for Windows 7 by incorporating at least one of these qualifying features. Some features are especially notable including Multitouch, Speech, Taskbar and Ribbons, Jumplists and more. Why, even Silverlight 4.0 apps running out of browser count, so if you’ve been flexing your muscles building Windows Phone 7 apps recently, reuse those skills on a desktop Silverlight application!

Check out the full rules and hurry, you only have until December 6, 2010 to submit!

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