Resources for Windows Phone 7 developer sessions

Here are links to resources, demos and slide decks for my recent Windows Phone 7 presentations.

The recently announced AppHub ( is your one stop shop for getting started creating and deploying applications and games for Windows Phone and Xbox 360. Spend some time in the Education section, an amazing amount of Windows Phone developer information that’s growing daily, so check back frequently.

The Windows Phone Developer Training Kit includes examples and labs for Silverlight and XNA.

Watch lots of recorded session on Windows Phone development from these events:

Here’s my enhanced version of the Location services sample, including Bing Maps and geolocation services.

I created UFO, a simple 2d game demo, during my talk.

Reach” graphics demo, showing custom effects, and can run on phone, PC and Xbox 360.

Gestures demo in XNA.

The Silverlight Toolkit has a useful set of controls and libraries.

PowerPoint decks:

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  1. Jeff Ammons says:

    Thanks, Glen!

    The developer launch event was super informative and a lot of fun.

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