Windows Phone 7 developers – free training and app building workshops!

Have you been looking for the best place to learn all about how to develop for Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 platform? Have you been champing at the bit to write an application yourself, get it into the Marketplace and start the money rolling in? Well, we are getting ready to launch a series of events on the east coast to satisfy your cravings for Windows Phone 7 information. Join us for our upcoming Firestarter and Phone Garage events today and get started!

Windows Phone 7 “Firestarter”

The power to build smart, visually stunning games and applications is right in your hands with Windows Phone 7. Want to see what's under the hood? Join your local Microsoft Developer Evangelists for an inside look at the Windows Phone 7 platform. You'll learn how to harness the strength of Silverlight and XNA to create compelling user experiences with rich, multi-media content. We'll also outline the new distribution and revenue opportunities Windows Phone 7 and the Windows Marketplace offer to web, game, mobile and interactive developers and application publishers.

Morning Sessions:
· Introduction to Windows Phone Development and the WP7 platform
· Building Windows Phone 7 Applications with Silverlight
· Building Windows Phone 7 Applications using XNA

Lunch (included)
Afternoon Sessions:
· Monetizing Your Apps with Marketplace
· Windows Phone 7 Services
· Light Up Windows Phone 7

Amplify your creativity, productivity and profits with Windows Phone 7 – and don't miss these full-day sessions in your local area. This is an exclusive, advance invitation for our preferred customers, so register today and save your seat.

Windows Phone Garage

This evening event is the opportunity for you to get started on that next killer app for Windows Phone 7, or put the finishing touches on your masterpiece. The Windows Phone Garage for mobile application developers follows the daytime Firestarter event. As you are designing, writing & testing your apps onsite, we’ll provide Windows Phone 7 experts (both Microsoft and community) to help you get things right. These experts will also present “quick hit” talks throughout the evening, containing tips and tricks on their experiences writing Windows Phone apps. It's the perfect opportunity to design and implement that cool new app you've been dreaming about, so bring your ideas and get ready to code. To learn more about the Phone Garage event or to register, click on an event city near you. Hurry, space is limited!

If you can dream it, you can build it with Windows Phone 7.

Windows Phone 7 Firestarter

Windows Phone 7 Garage

To register, select a city To register, select a city
Atlanta, GA 8/24/2010 Atlanta,GA 8/24/2010
Waltham, MA 8/24/2010 Waltham, MA 8/24/2010
Birmingham, AL 8/26/2010 Birmingham, AL 8/26/2010
Tampa, FL 8/31/2010 Tampa, FL 8/31/2010
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 9/2/2010 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 9/2/2010
New York, NY 9/7/2010 New York, NY 9/7/2010
Raleigh, NC 9/8/2010 Raleigh, NC 9/8/2010
Chevy Chase, MD 9/21/2010 Chevy Chase, MD 9/21/2010
Charlotte, NC 9/21/2010 Charlotte, NC 9/21/2010
Philadelphia, PA 9/22/2010 Philadelphia, PA 9/22/2010
Pittsburgh, PA 9/28/2010 Pittsburgh, PA 9/28/2010
Farmington, CT 9/30/2010 Farmington, CT 9/30/2010
Comments (3)

  1. Dave says:

    What is the difference between the FireStarter and the BootCamp events for WP7?  Cleveland has BootCamp, Pittsburgh has FireStarter, for example.

  2. GlenGordon says:

    Great question, Dave! Since we are 3 different teams in the US (East, Central and West) we have different approaches to things. I think the boot camp intermixes training with working on the apps, while in our Firestarter/Phone Garage we've separated them into day events (for those that just want to learn) and evening events (for people who are ready to BUILD APPS NOW!) <grin>

    Does that help?

  3. Catto says:

    Hey Now,

    This is gonna be great!

    Thx 4 the ifnfo,


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