Win a free ticket to the sold out WordCamp Atlanta on 1/8/2010

I have 4 passes to this weekend’s sold out Atlanta WordCamp. (Microsoft is a platinum sponsor and we get passes in return for sponsorship).

Would you like one? I’ll tell you how to score one.

Simply go check out Microsoft’s Web App Gallery and the Web Platform Installer. The Web PI as it’s known is a dead easy way to get your Windows box set up for running all sorts of cool Web applications and platforms. Web PI lets you install and configure ASP.NET, PHP, SQL Server Express, MySQL, as well as blogs, content management systems, and more. It’s the easiest way to get WordPress running on IIS.

To score a pass, I’d like you to take the Web Platform Installer for a trial run by using it to install WordPress on your computer. Start here:

When you chose Install, and run the Web Platform Installer, you’ll notice all the prerequisites are included, like specific settings and modules for IIS, and the installation of MySQL & PHP (if you don’t already have them) and of course WordPress. It will look like this (more or less):


When you get through all the downloading and installing, you’ll see a screen for configuring WordPress options that looks like this:


Take a screen shot of that from your installation procedure. If you’ve already installed it, just run the Web Platform Installer again, choose WordPress, and you’ll be prompted with the same screen again.

Send that screenshot to glen.gordon (at), and the first 4 people will get a pass to Atlanta WordCamp.

By the way I'll also be attending WordCamp so you can ask me about the Web App Gallery and Web Platform Installer there.

When you’re done, check out all the other cool stuff in the Web Application Gallery. Good luck! I’ll post the winners’ names in the comments.

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  1. GlenGordon says:

    Congrats to the first 2 winners, Ben McCormack and Patricia Snodgrass! 2 passes left!

  2. It appears there is a bug in the installer – it writes the settings to wp-config.php twice, which ended up breaking things on my end. For example the block that goes

    "// ** MySQL settings – You can get this info from your web host ** //"

    It appears the authentication keys are not properly escaped in the installer – at least my nonce_key, as it caused it to start a <?php right in the middle of it:

    define(‘LOGGED_IN_KEY’, ‘BJC_OB+ceqv^5o)uH]7nL?A1Xc,j6E5MYG*8=;yL0F~.#M~|mf@+kRU+]oon18pT’);

    define(‘NONCE_KEY’, ‘n/n[^NP!mJ!psHWLQ]$vln,y*oTlVvMQtPDc6ijR`AQ:zU<?php


    * The base configurations of the WordPress.



    Also most users will be clueless when it comes to providing those auth phrases. A button to auto-load some from

    would be a great improvement.


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