Reader Mail – What Laptop am I using these days?

After our MSDN Roadshow in Raleigh, NC yesterday, an attendee emailed me this question:


I was VERY impressed with the performance of Glen's laptop at the MSDN roadshow in Raleigh on June 3. I heard him mention it is a Lenovo.

Would you allow me to be a geek and ask about the specs for Glen's laptop [model, cpu, memory, disk space, etc]?


I am running a brand spanking new Lenovo T400 with 4 GB of RAM. The T400 is a successor of sorts to Lenovo’s very popular T61 line.

The first think I did when I got it a few weeks ago was install Windows 7 RC 64 bit. I am experiencing the same amazing battery life and great performance described in this review. The only issue I am having is that I can’t switch between the internal and dedicated graphics cards on the fly (as apparently you can do with Vista). I anticipate this will be possible under Win7 once it’s released.

If anyone is interested, here are my Windows Experience scores.


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