Inaugural meeting of GGMUG was a blast

Last week was the inaugural meeting of GGMUG, the Gwinnett, Georgia Microsoft User Group, and Doug and I stopped by to get things rolling. This group is geared towards folks that live on the northeast side of Atlanta, but certainly anyone who can make it is welcome. Traffic around here can be abysmal, so having closer options for getting together to talk about technology is a nice thing. This group might even draw people from as far away as Athens, GA. The meeting space is great, the sponsors provided din-din and I even brought some software and other goodies to give away.

Here's the only picture I took (click for a bigger version), it's Doug talking about WCF and REST. At the group's site you can read about the evening's other speaker, Noah Subrin, and about other details of the meeting.


Personally I think the group will have great success because their name has my initials in it. So I'll affectionately think of them as the "Glen Gordon" Microsoft User Group. Heh.

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