Southeast user group page updated

I just updated the user group page that I maintain on this blog for groups in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Please check it out to see what's in your area, and send me any corrections. Next step I want to take is to add Alabama and Mississippi resources, so send some of those my way.

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  1. Page Brooks says:

    What about PDANUG in Florence, SC? 😉

  2. GlenGordon says:

    Sorry Page, and I’ve even spoken at your group before. Thanks for 1. reading my blog and 2. letting me know about the oversight.


  3. Mark Wilson says:

    Thanks for maintaining a user group page! I’ll be sure to add a link to the page from the Charlotte Enterprise Developers Guild Community page. As requested, some updates: 1) PTNUG is now the Triad Developers Guild. The group meets on the first Tuesday of every month. 2) Charlotte Enterprise Developers Guild meets the fourth Tuesday of every month, except December, in the Information Technology Building at CPCC Central Campus in Charlotte, NC. 3) As far as I know, the Charlotte SQL Server User Group is no longer actively meeting. 4) The Columbia Enterprise Developers Guild meets the second Wednesday of the month. 5) The Columbia .NET User Group became the Columbia Enterprise Developers Guild. That all for now. Can’t wait to see you back in Charlotte at either our next Code Camp (Saturday, May 17th) or MSDN Events.

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