Chris Bowen’s Blog : "Essential WCF" on the Shelves!

Congratulations to my coworker Chris for a feat that I can only dream about from a distance - getting a book published!

Note that his WCF book actually covers up through .NET 3.5 so there's a chapter on "The Programmable Web" and probably information on a REST approach to services, as well as the new bindings like WebHttpBinding.

My only question is now how do I get one. Buy it and expense it, hope Chris gives me one, or what? Heck, it's probably so good I'll have to crack open my piggy bank and buy it outright!

Chris Bowen's Blog : "Essential WCF" on the Shelves!

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  1. Chris Bowen says:

    Thanks for the link, Glen!

    I hope to get some copies for giveaways soon.  Not sure how many that will be, but I’ll try to take care of you!  đź™‚


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