Big announcements on Silverlight, ASP.NET and IIS7

This morning Scott Guthrie, a big name to those in the the ASP.NET community, published a great comprehensive blog post about the roadmap for many of our key technologies and tools, including ASP.NET, Silverlight and IIS7.

Among the big announcements:

  • The next release of Silverlight (you know, the one with managed code support) is going to be so significantly different from the Silverlight 1.0 runtime that we shipped a few months ago that we are redubbing it Silverlight 2.0. Not only that, the team has significantly upped the ante for the power and capabilities of the technology. Read about it on Scott's post (above) and this one by Tim Sneath. Man, that thing is gonna rock!
  • Many of the controls and features that were in the ASP.NET Futures CTP (like the dynamic data controls, history support with AJAX and the Silverlight media control) will find a permanent home in something called the "ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions" release. That release also is slated to have some of our other exciting new technologies like the ASP.NET MVC framework and our good friend Astoria which I've been presenting about lately in MSDN Events.

All in all an announcement highly worth reading!

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