Next geekSpeak – Wednesday, November 28th – httpHandlers and httpModules with Chris Love

Now that you've stuffed yourself with turkey for a few days, stuff your brain with some great information from the geekSpeak series.

On Wednesday, November 28th, we'll have Chris Love as our guest. He'll be walking us through writing httpHandlers and httpModules for IIS, and answering your questions. Can't make the live geekSpeak? Ask your question as a comment to this post on the geekSpeak blog and we'll try to get it answered.

Register here.

Here's his bio.


Chris Love has over 14 years of experience in software design, development and architecture. He has been the principal developer for over 250 small and medium ASP and ASP.NET web sites over the past 7 years.

Chris has been active in a leadership role in the Raleigh, NC, area user group TRINUG for over 5 years. He frequently presents and organizes Code Camps around the country. He has recently completed his first book, ASP.NET 2.0: Your Visual Blueprint for Developing Web Applications.


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  1. Join Glen and me for this week’s geekSpeak. We are looking forward to ‘seeing’ you there. Also the January

  2. Join Glen and me for this week's geekSpeak. We are looking forward to 'seeing' you there

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