Thanks for the teamwork on the Atlanta MSDN Event yesterday!

Many thanks to my two colleagues in the Atlanta developer community for coming out and co-presenting with me at the MSDN Event yesterday in Atlanta.

Jim Wooley did a great job explaining the fundamentals of LINQ. Information on Jim's upcoming book is below. Jim has promised me he's going to blog about the Microsoft Word 2007 example with XML that he didn't have time to cover in the event, so check his blog in a few weeks.

LINQ in Action

And Shawn Wildermuth showed some outstanding Silverlight demos. Don't forget to look into attending the 3 day intense Silverlight training that Shawn is doing around the country. You can see info about that at .

Hopefully you had a good time at the event. If you have questions don't hesitate to ping us.

Also, don't forget that there's another MSDN Event in Atlanta in October. Register today!

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Comments (2)

  1. Steve Stewart says:


    As one of the many developers there, let me say thanks for a fantastic set of presentations.  One of the problems I always have with these Corporate sponsored events is that they are, essentially "sales pitches."

    You have done a great job of taking that away and making it educational, as well.

    I hope to be at the next one (If I can convince my boss I need to be out of the office 2 days in a row [Joel Spolsky is pitching FogBugz the day before in downtown])

    Thanks again, Glen, for all you do for the community putting these things together.  And thanks to Jim and Shawn for putting in the effort to show these great new technologies.


  2. GlenGordon says:


    Thanks for coming to the event. It means a lot that you find these valuable. I try to keep all the salesyness out of them. 😉

    Next time invite your boss along too!


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