Whirly Thing hits the Web courtesy of Silverlight

If you've been to some of my recent MSDN events, you might have been the lucky recipient of a "whirly thing" that looks like this.


Using this wheel, you can find references all sorts of resources related to technologies listed, and on the other side it's a list of the different ways you can learn (webcasts, articles, live events, blogs, etc).

Just today I learned that the whirly thing has now been implemented as a really fun Silverlight app. So take it for a whirl today. It spins, it flips, it helps you find stuff! In fact it's even keyed to the url you type in, so watch how linking directly to the expression tab takes you right there, and same for rss resources. If you're up for it, you can even do a "view source" and see how it was put together (slightly more complicated than the rivet in the physical one).

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