I’ll have a side (bar gadget) of Weather, please

There are several weather gadgets for the Windows Vista sidebar out there to choose from. But check out the new one just released from The Weather Channel (based right here in Atlanta).


My colleague Chad Brooks worked with them, encouraging them to put a gadget together. According to Chad, the devs started tinkering around with building the Gadget and were amazed at how easy it was to put together. Some of the higher ups said "what would it take to put it into production" and the dev team said it was basically done. So they put it through acceptance testing and now have (in my opinion) the coolest weather gadget out there.

You can get the gadget here or rate it and leave comments at the Gadget Gallery here.

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  1. GuyNamedNate says:

    I’ve had this gadget in my sidebar for the past few days, I really like it.  I was using the weather gadget that came with Vista before, which is good, but not as good as this.

    I like how I can click on it to get more info (the one I was using before made my drag it out to my desktop to get the same info).

    I really wish someone would make a Live Maps gadget (or some other map service).  I know they have the traffic gadget but that doesn’t let me do searches or look at anything but the cities with traffic data.  Maybe your friend Chad could give them a nudge?

  2. MT says:

    Its good.  

    – Does not diaplay temperatures from cities in India.

    – Would make it better, if current time is displayed along with temperature.

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