How I Improv(e) My Presentation Skills…

Usually a user group presentation is a relatively dry affair. Don't get me wrong - they are usually fun to do, especially if the audience is into it (IYKWIM) or it's a cool new technology. And I always try to make the presentation interesting, in addition to sprinkling jokes or (ugh) puns throughout. But it certainly isn't a stand-up routine or anything.

Well, this week I was part of a user group "presentation" that was entirely different. You can read about it in this post by my colleague (and co-conspirator) Brian Hitney.

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  1. David Wilkes says:

    Glen, it is really interesting idea. It might be a good idea to continue the whole Who Lines Is It Anyway theme. Have crowd pic a fictious Company, Product or Service, Absurd problem that needs solved. Then create a solution on that using various different Technologies. Another good idea would be to do a take off on their Greatest Hits doing Greatest Program an create crazy little programs showing off latest technologies such as AJAX, SilverLight, etc.

  2. I always make a presentation to promote my company, and make people know here is my company and good quality and work safely.

    So., the owner will believe to give a job with long time.

    Sometime I difficulty to find what should I do and make people interesting to my company and can joint work together.

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