Anyone in the Asheville, NC area interested in forming a .NET User Group?

I got the below email from one of my attendees who is gauging interest in the Asheville area for a .NET user group. If you are interested in being part of one, please comment to this post. Thanks!

I'm contacting you about a .NET group. Greenville, SC is 1 hour drive, and Knoxville, TN is about 2 hours. I found these through INETA. I am curious if you know of any people looking for a local group in Asheville, NC.

I am considering running one, although I'm a newbie to the .NET world. I want to know if there are others in the area willing to attend. Have you heard of any? Could you blog a question asking? I should setup a new email before you publicly post mine. I'll follow the blog and and post one if I see enough interest.

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  1. Don Bailes says:

    I live in Johnson City, TN – just over an hour from Asheville.  That would make it difficult for me to make meetings unless they are scheduled with people like me in mind.  I am very interested in being part of a "local" .NET group, however, and there is not one in Johnson City.

  2. Ahmad says:

    Do u accept remote members 😉

  3. Tracy Pearson says:

    Glen: Thank you for posting this for me.

    Don Bailes: If there is enough interest, I’m sure something can be arranged. My current idea of a group would be one evening a month, starting at 6 PM and running until 8:30 PM. I’ve got at least one sponsor lined up that will provide pizza and a location.

    Ahmad: "remote members" I’m not sure what you would get out of a user group never attending. From the groups I’ve been associated with in the past, I’ve gotten a lot of extra knowledge and some "ah-ha!" moments from conversations outside the presentation.

    Anyone else interested?

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