Last Chance – attend an MSDN Event in March and get a free copy of Office Professional 2007

OK, I'm starting to sound like a commercial. Sorry. I'll try to keep it in check. But I recently posted about the upcoming MSDN Events and how we were giving away copies of Office in a prize drawing.

I just wanted to let you know that the powers-that-be who run MSDN Events have decided to up the offer. Kind of like the banker on Deal or No Deal (which, by the way, I find to be not that interesting of a show -  but the cultural reference here amuses me).

The new deal is as follows:

Everyone who attends an MSDN Event during the rest of March will receive a free copy of Office Professional 2007 (while supplies last - see full details at

So there you go. Just for showing up and watching some really cool demos and learning about Vista and Office as a platform, you'll get a free copy of Office.

Register at one of the three links below, or visit if you don't see your town listed here.

Tuesday, March 13 - Columbia, SC

Thursday, March 15 - North Charleston, SC

Thursday, March 22 - Atlanta, GA

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