Two new production releases to put on your wish list this season – Data Dude and Expression Web!

First, a product that is definitely unique in the market for its new functionality (and one that we've been talking about for months in MSDN Events) - Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals. There is some great functionality in there for managing and testing databases, so please check it out. Read about the release here.

The other is a great Web design tool that's been garnering praise for months in the industry, even though it's only been in beta (until now). Expression Web is ready for purchase now! Read this release notice here You can even put it on your wish list at Now, I'm no web designer but I've been having a blast with the sites you can create from this tool, and how easy it is for me (a noob when it comes to CSS and quirks mode rendering) to figure it all out.

Have fun!

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