A "Leaked" video for Windows Vista and Office 2007?

Not much else to say. See for yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SZzAT-S5DQ And be sure to visit the URL that’s embedded in the video…


Frequently asked questions from recent MSDN Events

Below are some questions that came up at my recent MSDN Events sessions. If you attended the event and have thought of more quesitons since then, please send them to me! When will Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals support other databases (such as Oracle)? According to this forum thread and a response by…


Next geekSpeak Webcast – November 30 – ASP.NET Security with Jeff Prosise

For our next geekSpeak (Wednesday, November 30th at 3 PM eastern) webcast we will have noted ASP.NET guru Jeff Prosise on to address your questions on ASP.NET security. This promises to be a really engaging geekSpeak! Mosey on over to the geekSpeak blog entry and ask your questions today so we can get them answered live on…


Launch Event for Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals

This quarter, MSDN Events is presenting a session on Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals (I still think that’s quite a mouthful to say <grin>) Anyway, many cities around the country will be privileged to be landing sites for a launch tour celebrating that newest member of the Visual Studio Team System family. In…


Tip for tabs in IE7

Here’s a tip that I just stumbled across – thought I’d share. In IE7, clicking a link with the mouse wheel opens it up in a new tab! Cool timesaver!