Does the Raleigh dev community have Atlanta’s number???

Dear Atlanta,

How have you been? Hot? Me too. Should be getting better soon, though. How are your Braves? Good, good...

Anyway, I know that you feel privileged to be host to one of the only two MSDN Events here in the south this next quarter, specifically at Phipps Plaza on September 21st.

And I know that your event is almost a month further out than the one that will be in Raleigh on August 17th.

But I think you've slacked off too much, like you're waiting to snipe an eBay auction or something. Because, as of this writing, there are 225 people registered for Raleigh and only109 for Atanta!

So to avoid any further embarassment, I encourage you to get off your peaches and register! I live here, and I'd hate to see your event get out-attended by Raleigh. 😉

You know you are dying to learn about Atlas, WCF (Indigo) and System.NET!

Make me proud, Atlanta! 🙂

Thank you.


(P.S. Raleigh, don't let the ATL beat you easy! Keep it up!)

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  1. Hey Glen,

      If they don’t attend for you there just bring it on to Tennessee next time and we will come GLADLY :-)!!!!

  2. One of the 10 says:

    Awesome presentation with a lot of useful material. Well worth the time!

    It ought to be noted that the number of registrations here in Raleighwood was constrained by the size of the venue and there were virtually no empty seats. If M$ had opted for an overflow room (as they’ve sometimes done in the past) and left registration open, there could have been considerably more attendees.

  3. Bob Gusek says:

    I think that if they don’t beat Raleigh, then you should come to High Point again 🙂

    Great presentation as usual, loved the information on Ajax, Super Twins AJAXIFY!!!!

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