Upcoming MSDN Events in GA/SC/NC beginning next week!

On Tuesday, 4/18, I'll be presenting an MSDN Event in Charleston, SC (click link to register). It's going to be a great afternoon of productivity enhancements like ASP.NET 2.0 web parts, great new features of C# and VB, and a overview of the great new Patterns & Practices Enterprise Library.

Then, immediately following the event, there will be a special meeting of the GCNUG (Greater Charleston .NET User Group) over at Blackbaud. I'll be speaking on network programming with System.Net namespace.

Then on Thursday, 4/20 I'll be presenting that MSDN Event in Charlotte, NC

In June, I'll be bringing those same events to Columbia, SC and Atlanta

Finally, some of you have asked if we are coming to Raleigh and other cities this quarter, but unfortunately we are not. The above cities are it for GA/NC/SC. So hopefully you can join me at one of the above events!

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  1. David Williams says:

    Looking forward to your presentation in Charlotte.

  2. Jason Barile says:

    We’ll miss you in Raleigh this round, but hopefully we’ll see you in the near future!

  3. David Williams says:

    Thanks for your presentation in Charlotte.  I asked you about the correct way to extend the My namespace with your own classes.  We implemented a namespace called My.ApplicationData, and added objects to this namespace.  This works, but I am not certain this is the best way to extend the My namespace.  What is the "best practice" way to extend the My namespace?  Thanks,


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