Paul Lockwood speaks at the next Atlanta .NET User Group

Paul Lockwood, one of our great community leaders, will be speaking at the next meeting of the Atlanta .NET Users Group which will be Monday, Feb 27th at Microsoft's office in Alpharetta. As I write that, I start to chuckle and almost go back and change it to presenting rather than speaking. After all, I'm sure if Paul were to show up to one of the meetings and not speak, especially when spoken to, it would seem a little odd. And he's got that nice charming accent so it would be a shame to not hear him. But I'll leave it as speaking because I don't have that much time.

At any rate, Paul's topic for the evening will be software testing practices, methodologies and such. He says it's going to be better than his dry run which I'm assuming he presented to just his couch and maybe his dog, to practice - which might have been a good thing because he says it was "utterly boring". But that might have just been his perception because, let's face it, you could present the most exciting topic in the world to a couch and not get much of a response. The dog, on the other hand, is a different story. Come to think of it, I think I was at his first dry run of it last year, and he's right, it was utterly boring. Maybe it's that bloody accent I mentioned in the first paragraph. (Just kidding, Paul!)

I'd love to be at the meeting to see for myself exactly how non-boring it will be but alas I will be on the road presenting MSDN events in North Carolina, as well as on a secret mission.

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  1. Glen linked to me? I am not worthy!

    That is quite the amusing post, thanks! I am pretty good at fearing the worst, which perhaps explains my infatuation with Automated Unit Testing!

    I hope the secret mission in NC includes getting the Team Server guys to ship asap! If you have time in Raleigh check out Michael Dean’s – it is my fav restaurant there and has great seafood + pizza/ calzones.

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